why is nylon used for making ropes for rock climbing?

Nylon   is  a  very   tough  and  strong  material.  Because  of  this  property,  nylon  ropes  are  used  for   rock  climbing.

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Nylon is used for making ropes for rock climbing and parachutes because it possesses tough material .

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nylon is a very strong and light fibre. That's why they are used for making ropes for rock climbing and parachutes.

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because it is strong and al so elastic

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cause it is strong and wont rip
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When we are rock climbing the rope should hold our wheight so the rope should be strong,and nylon is very strong
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Allah ko mallum
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Because it is tough material
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Because they are the fibres which posses high tensile strength and high modulus
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because nylon is the strongest fibre uptil now. it has strong polymers
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Nylon is really strong compared to other fabrics. This property proves to be useful for making climbing ropes and parachutes as a strong material is required
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Name the two fibre used in making polycot and Bollywood and terrycot
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What is the meaning of polymerisation
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