why is petroleum called black gold????

Because oil is very expensive, useful, and valuable in our world. And the color of oil is black so "Black gold"

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Crude Oil coming out of the ground is black in color because of all of the dirt.
thats why it is called black gold.

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crude oil also fetches u a lot of money thats why "gold".

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 Petroleum, or crude oil is a product that is very much valued, in fact it is also known as the "Black Gold".History of it's origin relates back to at least 200 to 400 million years ago when enormous layers of organic material made up of vegetable and animal remains were carried by rivers to the bottom of the oceans and began to decay. They became mixed with other dead remains and slowly this mass of decaying material was transformed into a thick black liquid.

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 its easy this is also a question in geography book of class 8 chapter 3.


Petroleum is a very valuable fossil fuel.It is used for running all machineries, transport vehicles, from a bicycle to an aeroplane.




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As we know the increasing demand of fossil fuels,but we also know that petroleum is used for moving vechile and we also know the demand of golg due to its lusture and shine so it is compared with gold and its colour is also black. ( note - diseal and petrol both are products of petroleum.)

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They often call it this because of oils value. Back in the day, oil was harder to find and when you did find it, they say its like you struck gold, hence black gold.

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