why is pituitary gland known as master gland even though hypothalamic hormones regulate the secretion and synthesis of  pituitary hormones?

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Hypothalamus plays a significant role in the endocrine system, it helps stimulate or inhibit many key process in the body as it controls the secretion of the hormones from the pituitary gland but it do not directly secretes them . Hence it is pituitary gland which is called as "master gland" because it regulates and control all other glands of the body.   

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The hypothalamus is known as the master switchboard because it's the part of the brain that controls the endocrine system by regulating the secretion and synthesis of pituitary hormones. The pituitarygland, which hangs by a thin stalk from the hypothalamus, is called the master gland of the body because it regulates the activity of the endocrine glands.
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