why is rayon called as"artificial silk"?

Rayon is a fiber produced from plant parts that resembles silk by both texture and look. For this reason rayon is known as artificial silk.

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Rayon is called artificial silk since it has properties of silk

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Silk is a natural fibre with a beautiful texture.It is expensive.Attempts at making a synthetic fibre with similar texture succeeded towardsthe end of 19 century when scientists made rayon..That is why it is called artificial silk.

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 rayon is an artificial material but has the properties of silk thats why is called artificial silk.

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rayon is as lustorous and attractive like silk thats why it is called artificial silk

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Rayon is obtained from wood pulp, but it has to go through extensive treating with chemicals. Therefore rayon is also called artificial silk.

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Rayon is called an artificial silk because it has almost all the features of a silk including its softness but only the difference is that rayon is much cheaper than the silk.

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rayon has the characterstick of silk such as

it is lustouous

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rayon is called artificial silk as it is cheaper than silk and can be woven like silk fibre.

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Rayon fibre is also known as "artificial silk" because it resembles all the properties of silk .

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rayon is called a artificial silk because it looks like silk ,feels like sik . But the starting of a rayon cloth  is made from wood pulp. This cloth is cheaper,can be worn in summers too..

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