Why is reproduction important?

Reproduction is the process by which new offsprings are produced from their parents. It may involve one or two parents.
Existence of each and every organism is the result of reproduction. The importance of reproduction lies in the fact that it helps in the continuation of species. Without new individuals being formed, the species will become extinct and life would disappear from earth. 

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 because if plants wont reproduce are some time they would die .and if they die many things will be damaged like eco system and the food chains .you know that the tigers are endangered this is because they are not reproducing.hope this helps!

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It is imporant for all species living in earth as human beings, animals and even in plants. It is important for all sorts of life on earth because if reproduction don't take place then no new individuals will be produced and then earth would turn out to be a barren place with no life.

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Reproduction is an energy spending process which is not at all essential to maintain the life of an individual. Even though, the organisms reproduce because of the two main reasons: - 
1. To continue one's progeny. 
2. It provides group immortality by replacing the dead individuals with the new ones for the survival of the species on this earth.

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