why is the life in mountains regions difficult

It is difficult because many of the high mountain slopes are rocky and steep. the climate is cold. A lack of oxygen in the air at high elevations makes breathing difficult.
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It is difficult because it's climatic conditions are not favourable to survive. It is very cold in the high mountains especially in winter season. Communication also gets highly affected due to natural reasons like weather, rainfall etc. Very small areas are left for cultivation. There are very few hospitals and schools. Development is slow in these places. It is difficult to breathe due to the less amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.
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Because it is very snowy region and oxygen decreases in such areas
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1. Life is very difficult in mountains because of harsh climate.
2. The uneven topography makes it very difficult to built roads and houses.
3. Facilities like hospitals,schools and banks are in accessible to the people living in these areas.
4. The temperature is very low ,this makes difficult for people to stay there.
5. The land for agriculture is not available.

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Sorry 3. Was written by mistake 
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difficulties of mountain areas

Mountains are generally colder and have less air than normal, and it takes longer to cook things. Also, in heavy snowfall, mountain regions can be prone to avalanches and other nasty hazards that are guaranteed to kill a human. ​
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life in mountains is difficult because:-
* the climate is very harsh
* transportation and communication is difficult
* there steep slopes. as a result, cultivation of crops is difficult
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Life in mountainous regions is difficult due to many reasons.?

Generally, it is very cold during the winters with most places receiving heavy snowfall.This heavy snowfall cuts off these regions from the rest of the country and the supplies of essentials become less and difficult to procure.Access to these regions is difficult and the ride is long and risky.Since they are far-flung and sparsely populated, development takes awhile to reach such places.There are few schools and hospitals and fewer employment opportunities. Hence, development is slow in these places.Infrastructure like roads, electricity and water have not been developed and so it gets more difficult to cope up with the extreme weather conditions.Very small area is available for cultivation and so most of the food has to be transported from far-off places.Communication also gets largely affected due to natural reasons like weather, rainfall and snowfall.
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I think , mountains regions have really harsh weather due to which its difficult to survive Their. Cultivation space is less. No air to breathe 😁😀😀
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The mountains area the life is difficult because :-
1} Mountain have steep slopes so less land is avaliable to build house and for cultivation of crops..
2}  It is difficult to build roads and railway lines..
3} The climate becomes very cold..
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ANS.Living in the mountains can be hard. At higher altitudes, air is thinner, which means it has less oxygen, and that makes breathing harder. So, people may bring canisters of oxygen when they climb Earth's tallest peaks. Mountain weather is cool and windy.
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1. life is very difficult in mountains because of harsh climate 
2. its very difficult to make roads and houses in the mountains  
3. agriculture is not possible there 
4. the temperature is too low in mountains that it is very difficult to live there 

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1. its difficult to live in mountains because of harsh climate 
2. the temperature is very low in mountains 
3. roads,houses are very difficult to make in mountains 
4. agriculture is not possible here 
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