why is the revolt of 1857 reffered to as the first war of independence??????

Revolt of 1857 is often referred as the First War of Independence because of the following reasons:

a. For the first time people stood against the British rule.

b. It was for the first time people felt a sense of belonging towards their own country and felt a sense of national consciousness.

c. Revolt laid the foundation of the future freedom struggle.

d. It marked the unity of Hindus and Muslims.

e. It shook the British rule in India who brought about dramatic changes in the administration there after.

f. It raised the consciousness of the people against the oppressive British policies.

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Because this was the first war fought against british

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The war in 1857 is considered as the largest revolt in the nineteenth century. It saw millions of people fighting against the british power. This is considered the first war of independence (in India), because before 1857, all the people were puppets of the Britishers and they did as they said. The british tortured them and this provided the spark needed for burning of the fuel, which is the sadness of the Indians of that time.

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becoz it is the firt greatest revolt where a vast of the population participated

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