why is water called a wonder liquid

  1. Water is a major solvent in nature.
  2. Water allows materials to sit upon it for pollen, dust, water insects, and other materials.

  3. Wate is essential for daily activities and  drinking.
  4. Most of the chemical reaction is only possible due to water.
  5. Living organism animals, plants, microorganisms, human beings mainly contain water that makes life possible on the earth.
  6. Environment temperature, rainfall etc are maintained by water.

There are much more other properties which make water as a wonderful liquid.

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 Water is called a wonder liquid because of the following reasons:

Water is the most essential component of life . All cellular processes take place in a water medium.

71% of earth is covered by oceans that contains 98% of the total water.

Land contains only 2% of the total water. A major part of it(1.374%) occurs as ice caps and glaciers , 0.602% as groundwater and only 0.006% as surface water.

Degradation of the quality of water is called water pollution. The causes of water pollution are chemicals release from industry , urban sewage and pesticides.

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because it is important for daily purposes

for drinking

it is a universal solvent

it is one of the most abundant compound on earth

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water is a unique stuff.

when inhaled can cause death

when we touch it's steam can cause burn

acid rain distroys crops

food causes loose of life

with all these disadvantages,water is still considerd precious

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  1. The wonder called water

It smoothens wrinkles, fights bad breath, eliminates toxins. Just six to eight glasses of water a day can keep you in fine shape

.Water as beauty aid was probably known to pre-historic women. Healthcare specialists have been prescribing it forever. "Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day eliminates toxins, maintains body temperature and homoeostasis," says Kousalya Nathan, lifestyle and age management consultant.
"Our body is made up of two-thirds water; hence, we need plenty of the liquid to prevent dehydration and damage to tissues."
Practitioners of Ayurveda recommend Jala Kunjal, in which you drink salted, lukewarm water on an empty stomach early in the morning. Then, you churn your midriff a bit and force the water out. Ayurveda claims that Kunjal cleanses the system of dyspepsia, hyper-acidity, indigestion, food poisoning, bad breath and skin/blood disorders. We know that right amounts of water intake improve digestion, absorption, circulation and excretion. It keeps cells well hydrated for proper functioning, maintains muscle tone and prevents muscle cramping. It reduces the risk of developing kidney stones, increases energy level, and helps lubricate joints. Two glasses before a meal is a clever tool for weight loss.
One study in Britain came out with a curious result. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, women drank one-and-half litres of water daily for eight weeks. While some volunteers drank regular tap water, others sipped on natural mineral water (it has anti-inflammatory properties) from the Lake District in Britain. A Visia complexion system analysed the before-and-after pictures for extent and depth of wrinkles, texture of skin and amount of damage. Astonishingly, those who drank tap water had their wrinkles smoothed out by 19 per cent. Those who drank mineral had a dramatic 24 per cent reduction, proving that the kind of water you drink counts too.
Still, experts doubt if just drinking water gives the skin a radiant, youthful complexion and irons out wrinkles. Water travels in the system rather quickly. Your dry skin/wrinkles could be a genetic or environment consequence. So, is water a skin tonic? "Washing the face is the least talked-about topic, but if done properly, it can promote a healthy glow," says Dr. Kousalya. Warm water opens up your pores and cold water closes them, so wash your face with warm water before using skin cleansing products and cold water after. Washing the face three times a day cleanses the skin, cools skin temperature, improves circulation, and stimulates nerve endings. Check your skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive, ageing, sun-damaged) and follow the skincare ritual, she says.
And, don't obsess about the '8-by-8' rule - drinking eight ounces of water eight times a day. So, listen to your thirst signal. Doing sweaty work? Drink to prevent dehydration and heat sickness. Fever? Sip warm water. Pregnant? Nursing? You'll need more liquid intake. Water in the right quantities stimulates blood circulation. It regulates the skin's natural balance. Warm water hydrates, revitalises, detoxifies and oxygenates the skin. Externally, it gets rid of blackheads and makes large pores smaller.
Drinking water makes the body more relaxed and invigorated. It replaces the moisture lost in everyday activities. No contest. Water wins. Just make sure it is free of chemicals.

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