Why magnesium form hydroxide and hydrogen when reacting with water but all metals produce metal oxide and hydrogen on reaction with water?

Dear Student, It reacts with hot water to form magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen. Metals like aluminium, iron and zinc do not react either with cold or hot water. But they react with steam to form the metal oxide and hydrogen. Magnesium reacts very slowly with hot water.  It reacts with steam when  being heated and gives hydrogen gas and metal oxide.Magnesium has almost no reaction with cold water.  It reacts slowly  with hot water to give the (slightly soluble )magnesium hydroxide  and hydrogen.: Magnesium + Water ---->Magnesium hydroxide + Hydrogen gas.........Magnesium reacts with steam vigorously when heated, and produce an .... intense white light ..: Magnesium + Steam ----> Magnesium  oxide + Hydrogen gas......Regards

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