why only girlsreproduce?why not boys?


Humans reproduce through sexual reproduction in which both male (boys) and female (girls) take part to produce offsprings. The male produces sperms and female produces ova. The male transfers it sperm into the vagina of female during sexual intercourse. The sperm fuses with egg to form the zygote inside the body of female. The zygote then develops into complete baby and after nine months female give birth to baby. Thus, both boys and girls are necessary for reproduction to take place.

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cauze they have parts like vagina, overies etc

which boys does not have

these parts can only help in reproduction

even i don't know properly

forget this topic

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because female reproductive organs are diifferent from boys, they have ovary for producing unfertilised eggs, uterus for attachment and development of a zygote into a new born baby, besides they have an opening called vagina through which a baby can come out. Thus, only girls can reproduce or generate a new individual. But, boys also play an important role in reproduction by producing male gametes.

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don't think about this topic.

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Boys have different reproductive  organs such as testis,penis etc while girls have different reproductive organs like oviduct,uterus etc .Boys produce sperms and girls produce ova. Both fuse together to form zygote .Boys do not have uterus to take foetus and oviducts to produce eggs

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 that only god knows

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Who said that only girls reproduce if boys doesnt reproduce than from where fusion occurs boys too have  reproductive parts  like pennis,testosteren etc .Boys release sperm that is the First and Main point of fusion .

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this is a silly question
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