why pine oil is added  in froth floatation method?

  • Becouse pine oil is the substence which can produced froth &concentret the ore.
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because pine oil enhances the non-wettability of the mineral particles by water.

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because pine oil enhances the non-wettabilility of mineral particles by water & hence makes them easier to go at surface with froth

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Pine oil enhances the non wettability of the ore, causing it to stick to the froth bubbles. The froth itself is stabilized using agents like cresols and aniline.

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By Pine oil, froth is easily formed when it is mixed thoroughly by the agitator.

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Because pine oil prevents the ore from gangue for furthur mixing and pine oil acts as good substance for forming froth for the minerals.It also increases the non wettability of mineral particles.

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Can other oils not perform the same function
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Camphor oil can perform same function
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Pine oil is added in the froath flotation method to create froath/bubble so that metal can be purify easily.
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Well pine oil is used in froth flotation process because it does not have affinity towards water (because of the hydrophobic chemicals as its cconstituents)and it attracts impurities which can be washed away
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Pine oil acts as collector .... It increase the non-wettebility of ore paticles.....
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