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We need proper drainage because:-
Without proper drainage, water will run to the lowest part of the houses, which is usually the foundation. This will create cracks or can even cause a house to collapse in time.
-  Improper drainage can encourage the invasion of termites, which are attracted to the moisture and can accumulate in the foundation causing major problems if not taken care of on time.
-  There are many major problems that can arise from having moisture due to poor drainage, including mold which can stay unnoticed for long periods and can be very hazardous to health.
-  Other organisms such as lawn fungus can also grow and cause problems over time.

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 We need proper drain system because if it is not available then diseases may spread fast as less sanitation takes  place .  Diseases like Cholera , Typhoid , Meningitis occur .  So , We need proper sanitation and proper drainage
 system .
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We need proper drainage system.. In some towns and cities, there are open drainage system. An opn drainage system is a health hazard. It not only a breeding place for mosquitoes and flies but also spreads water-borne diseases and contaminates water sources during monsoons...😋
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