Why rain drops are spherical ?

This is due to the surface tension  of water.

Because of the surface tension , the drop tends to have minimum possible surface area, and the shape which is possible with  minimum surface area is  "spherical shape". 

Hope its clear to you.

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Due to the hydrogen bonds that are attracted to one another. This attraction pulls the molecules together and forms the shape.

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The shape of a drop of rain is constrained by the surface tension, which tries to give it the shape for which the surface area is minimum. For a given volume, the spherical shape has the minimum surface area. That is why rain drops acquire spherical shape.

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the force of attraction between the molecules of water is higher then gases but lesser than solids.usually it spreads along the container in which water is kept,but during free fall as it occurs to rain drop,the forces tend to exert a combined effort to pull up to a shape which has smallest surface to volume ratio for a specific volume and that shape is our well known SPHERE!!!! 

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