why tissues are important in multicellular organisms??

Multicellular organisms are made of many cell. Here, single cell does not perform all the functions necassary for survival, unlike what happen in unicellular organisms. Different group of cells perform different functions so as to give the higest efficiency of functions in multicellular organisms. So, multicellular organisms show division of labour. Cells are present in group performing a particular function and these groups of cells are called tissues. So, organisation in the form of tissues is very important for multicellular organisms. 

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multi cellulr organsms shoe division of labour. a particular function is carried out in the body by aclustr of cells carrying out a prticulr function. this cluste of cells form a tissue. it gvs the highst possibl efficiency of function. this is the rsn y tissues r imprtnt in mlti cellulr organisms.

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