why ultasonic waves are not audible to our ear ...

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We know our ear diaphragms are made to detect the sound waves having frequency between 20Hz to 20000Hz. As the ultrasonic waves have frequency greater than 20000KHz, hence they are not detectable by our ear diaphragm. But bat (a bird) is able to detect these waves.
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​they are not audible to our ears as the frequency of ultrasonic waves is above 20000 Hz and our ear can hear frequency between 20 Hz to 20000 Hz only.
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Because they are below the hearing power of human ear
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Our ear have a hearing capacity of 20Hz to 20KHz(20,000 Hz). But Ultrasonic sounds are sounds having frequency above 20,000 Hz which is beyond human hearing capacity. So It is not possible for a human to hear Ultrasonic Sound.
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