why was Aram delighted and frightened at the same time when he saw his cousin Mourad on a beautiful white horse?

First of all aram was very  delighted to see his cousin on the beautiful white horse in the morning because his very first longings were to ride a horse , he belonged to a very poor armenian tribe : the garoghalanian tribe . So he felt  that now he could finally complete his only wish to ride the horse as he new that his cousin had a way with the horses. But , he was frightened at the same momment when a thought of robbery came past his mind . He  thought that neither  mourad nor anyone of his family members was so rich to buy a beautiful white horse . So he was frightened  that mourad must have robbed the horse from somewhere .

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How did aram already knew that mourad had a way with horse. This came in the later part of the story.
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Q 5 I need the answer right now

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