why were the indian sepoys unhappy with the british rule?

The Indian sepoys were unhappy with the British because :

  • Sepoys were paid quite low wages. 
  • They were discriminated on the basis of caste. 
  • The new enfield rifle had a cartridge of pork fat which was required to bitten by sepoys to use it further. This was against the religious beliefs of muslim sepoys.

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They were not happy with their allowance and pay. The Indians believed that if they crossed the sea, they would lose their caste and religeon

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The British forced them to go to Burma to fight for the war but the Indians resented. Britishers were also meddling in the religious practices of the country.

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The sepoys were loyal to British. But the British did not pay respect to them. Also, they did not pay sufficient salary and there was no Indian on a high post in the Army. They discriminated by caste and religion and also exploited them.

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