why zinc is used in the galvanisation of iron and not the copper?

More reactive metal is galvanized over less reactive metal.


Zinc is more reactive than iron, it is  used to protect it from corrosion because when oxygen in the air reacts with the surface of zinc, a very dense and impermeable coating of zinc oxide is formed and it is this physical barrier that protects the zinc surface from further attack.

Copper is a less reactive metal and it is difficult to form alloys with iron and go on a separate layer. Therefore it is not used for galvanization.

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B'coz zinc is used to help prevent , or delay , rusting............!!!! :-)

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Zn is a less reactive metal than fe and cu and thus to prevent fe from rusting zn is appropirate.

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zn is more reactive then iron but copper is very less reactive then iron.hence copper does not form a protective layer on iron.

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 thnkzz guyz foh ur answers...........

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Can you observe the reactive series of metals, Zn is more reactive than iron. the term rust is given to only iron .but eating metal of Zn takes for many years. but copper is less reactive than iron.so copper could not form a suitable or protective layer for iron.

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