Working principle of radar

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Radar is a radio detection and ranging . It sends radio signal or electromagnetic signals through transmitter which strike the object lies in the range of these signal and will reflected back the transmitter catches the reflected signal and process the signal to determine the location of the object or the speed by which the object is travelling.

Here's a summary of how radar works:

  1. Magnetron generates high-frequency radio waves.
  2. Duplexer switches magnetron through to antenna.
  3. Antenna acts as transmitter, sending narrow beam of radio waves through the air.
  4. Radio waves hit enemy airplane and reflect back.
  5. Antenna picks up reflected waves during a break between transmissions. Note that the same antenna acts as both transmitter and receiver, alternately sending out radio waves and receiving them.
  6. Duplexer switches antenna through to receiver unit.
  7. Computer in receiver unit processes reflected waves and draws them on a TV screen.
  8. Enemy plane shows up on TV radar display with any other nearby targets.
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  • The Doppler principle can be explained by noting the change in pitch of an ambulance siren. The pitch heightens as the ambulance approaches and lowers as it departs. In other words, the faster the ambulance approaches, the higher will be the pitch. For the case of a Doppler radar,...
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