write 10 lines on the usefulness of microorganisms in our lives

Dear student,
Microorganisms are essential to us as well as can harm us. Some of the usefully points are given below:
  • They are used for creating curd, cheese etc.
  • Bacteria makes the meat softer by removing the tough muscles of it
  • Symbiotic bacteria present in the root nodules of the leguminous plants convert the atmospheric nitrgen into useful nitrogen compounds
  • Bacteria helps in the decomposing of the dead remains of plants and animals.
  • Yeast is used for making the bakery products like bread, cakes, muffins,etc and food items like idli, dosa,dhokla,etc.
  • Yeast is added to molasses (a waste from sugar industry) to make ethyl alcohol.
  • Algae is used as an organic food for the aquatic animals
  • Algaes are even used as fertilizers becoz of their ability to fix atmospheric O2.
  • Agar-Agar which is obtained from red algae is used for making jellies and cosmetics
  • Some unicellular protozoans like zooplanktaon act as link in the food chain in the aquatic animals.


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