Write a letter of congratulations to Krushnna Patil on her success in conquering Mount Vinson Massif the higeat peak in Antarctica.


Defence Colony,

New Delhi-110022.


10 February, 20xx.


Dear Krushnna,


I hope you have rested well after your gruelling trip.


My family joins me in congratulating you on your success in conquering Mount Vinson Massif! I am both awed and extremely prod that my friend has achieved this landmark win over one of the toughest climbs atop a mountain. As it is, conditions in Antarctica are extreme, on top of that to participate in the mission to climb a mountain is highly commendable. I can not imagine how you were able to cope withthe cold or avoid frost bite, or how you protecetd yourself from the blizzards. I have enclosed the article printed in The Times of India describing your stupendous success. May you succeed in all your future ventures as well.


Give my regards to your parents. Hope to see you soon.

Yours lovingly,


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