Write a letter to the editor of national express on the topic of dowry deaths.You are Anita/Akhil ,76 Rajinder Nagar, Meerut.

House No. 76,
Rajinder Nagar,

​8th March 2017

The Editor,
National Express

Dear Sir/Madam

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of all to the increasing menace of dowry deaths nowadays.
Inspite of being a literate person, most of the people often asks for dowry to accomplish their marriage which is highly disgraceful as if it seems that they do not have enough wealth or property for this auspicious occasion.
As a result, to fulfil this demand from the other side many people have committed suicide. And even sometimes because of the declination of their demand, many murder cases have been reported.
So, I would like to tell the people that, this is a marriage occasion which has to be accomplished happily and safely.

Your efforts on this regard will be highly appreciated.

Yours Truly
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