Write a letter to the principle of your school suggesting introduction of photography classes in your school.

Horizon School,
New Delhi-110022.

1 June 20xx

The Principal,
Horizon School,
New Delhi-110022.


Subject: Introduce photography classes

I am ABC, a student of class IX A of your school. This is to request you to introduce photography classes in school. It should be made an option in the hobby classes for senior school students. Many of the students are interested in pursuing this hobby and wish to learn the techniques from a professional. Photography has also become a viable professional choice these days. Kindly organise for photography classes and oblige. I am willing to help in organising and conducting the classes.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours faithfully,

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To, ThePrincipal,

(your school`s name) Respected Sir, I want to bring to your kind notice about theintroductionofphotography classes.In myclassI find that many of myclassmates are ardent lover ofphotography. So I have a kind request to you forintroductionofphotographyclass.This would be a great initiative from your side as because the enthusiasts would be quite benefitedThanking you,your`s sincerely,(your name)(your class)

You may add your ideas into this and recommend that you atleast try once the problem before asking.....

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