Write a letter to your friend congratulating him to winning a lottery and telling him how to spend money.

Dear Student,
The following pointers will help you to furnish you letter:
  • Start your letter by giving your friend your warm wishes, congratulate him about winning a lottery also mention the source of the news you got.
  • Then you give your suggestion about spending the money to some useful ways like helping or supporting poor people by distributing those clothes, books to the children or shawls, blanket to the homeless etc. Also you can suggest him to support any NGO. Along with that you can suggest him to spend the money for a family outing and a get to gather party where his little brothers and sister can join. Also mention that you and friend group is expecting a party from him.
  • End your letter by giving few financial advice to him like saving the money for future use to a bank or a post office and provide him knowledge about the money and its future returns, then at the end give your love to him and regards to his family and wish him best of luck.

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