write a letter to your friend describing how you celebrated your birthday in style

12 th march

45 th main ,7 th block

kashyap apartments

hi priya

i missed u a lott on my borthday

specially u used put the cake on my face dat was nice

i my birthday with my new frndsss was awsmmm

i had fun we played nd ate a lot one of my frnd who ate a lot wa arpi


your sincerely


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sorry ur ass didnt come
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Write a letter to your mother telling her about your friend
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12 cross road 
xyz colony

​hi abc 
hi how are you hope this letter finds you in best of your health . i am ​sad as you couldnt make it to my birthday party . you may be having your own reasons for it . I would like to give a picture about the birthday 

My parents wished me at 12 in the night i got lots of gift like my favourite the ps4 with a game 
In the morning we visited an orphanage and celebrated my birthday  by cutting  cake with them i gave them a lots of gift  and they gave me a large card . After reading it there were tears in my eyes 
then after coming back i didnt know but my parents had planned a birthday party
lot of my friends came but u missed 
we played many games and cut the cake 
there were  two cakes and when i cut on cake then my parents and friend smacked the cake on to my face 
after that we had some food and then everybody went back home 
i missed you a lot during the party and wished that you were there

i would be sending you some cake give my warm regards to uncle and aunty and hi to mno 
will wait for your reply 

yours lovingly 


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Hi please like the above and is correct
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Birth day party celebrate writing
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Please find this answer

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Dio DP dhoop
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