Write a letter to your friend describing your ancestral house

Dear student,

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

  • I hope this letter finds you in the best of your health and spirits.
  • I am writing to you to tell you about my visit to my ancestral house during these summer holidays.
  • I had always heard about the stories of my ancestral house from my grandfather and grandmother, but I had never had the chance to see the place in real.
  • I must say, that the house was as huge, intriguing and beautiful as my grandparents had described it to be.
  • I could totally imagine my grandparents having fun during their childhood in the verandah of the house.
  • The house has been given on rent to a local farmer and his family.
  • They had kept everything nicely and cared for the house like their own.
  • (Continue based on your imagination...)

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sector 41,dwarika


July 3.2018

Dear (Ur friend name)

how are you my friend? i m fine here i hope that you are also fine . I am writing to you to share with you a very heart  touching experience I recently had. I got an opportunity to visit an old age home. It is a kind of home for those old people who for some reasons cannot stay with their grown-up children or those who don’t have any family member to care of them.

I felt very emotional interacting with an old lady. Although she is an affluent woman, she has to live in the home because both her daughters are married and well-settled. Her husband passed away long ago. She said she had opted to live at the Home for many facilities such as safety, security, lodging and boarding, and the most important thing-- company of peers.

I was just so sad and depressed to see first time in my life there are such homes where the old people have to live without families. I personally feel it is very lonely there. The old people need their sons, daughters, grandchildren to live happily. 

I have decided that I shall be visiting the old age home regularly to give company to the old people living there. That’s all from my side. Give regards to uncle and aunt. Do write back.

Yours affectionately,

(Ur name)

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