write a letter to your friend telling him how do you feel when first rain of monsoon falls after summer . what changes you notice in nature when the rainy season comes.

Dear friend.
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Aleena Philip
Manama, Bahrain
Mahima Susan Thomas
Khamis, Bahrain
25th July 2016
Dear Achu,
                 Hope this letter finds you in good health. How are you? It's been a long time since we have met each other. I am writing this letter to share my enjoyment during the first rain in the monsoon season that comes just after summer. First of all, I want to say you that I hate summer and love monsoon. Since, we both live in Bahrain, an island, we are not as lucky as our relatives living in India, who receive lots of rain. I always love to play in the rain as every child likes to. I would be the happiest in my family when we go to Kerala during monsoon. Yes, there are some disadvantages during monsoon that makes us unhappy like no electricity, falling of trees etc. The most unhappiest thing is that we would be glued inside our home even without television. If there is rain, crops could survive but if it is out of the limit it could be destroyed as well. There would be much increase in the water bodies which is dangerous. So, I want rain but not above the limit. I am eagerly waiting for your letter.
Your friendly,
​Hope this answer helps you in some way and you can also add more points to the letter.

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