Write a letter to your friend to celebrate summer vacation as a learning mode of historical value and choose your favourite tour place that you will arrange.

Kamla Nagar
New Delhi - 110056

19th May 2018

Dear friend

Hope this letter finds you in the best of your spirits. As you are aware that our summer vacations are starting from next month, I would like to invite you to spend your holidays with me at my ancestral home in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

I assure you that the time spent there will be the most memorable one. It is a hill station with beautiful tea gardens, mountains, temples, monuments and many water bodies. We will get to learn a lot about nature and the history of India. We can also go for water sports, fishing and mountaineering. Moreover, many of my relatives live there and every time we go to visit them, we get eat the delicacies of Himachal.

My father is planning to book train tickets soon. If you find the plan interesting then let me know. I will ask my parents to take permission from your parents and then you can accompany us. I can already imagine the fun we both will have together in the vacations. I will wait for your reply.

Your loving friend,

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