Write a letter to your sister in hostel describing how do u feel without her

24/6 Kashi Vihar

WBDA Flats

Kolkata - 700042

6th September, 2013

Dear Deepa,

Its been more than a month since you left home. I hope you are enjoying staying in the hostel. I am missing you a lot. Although, I now have the room entirely to myself, it reminds me only of you.

Mummy says you won't be back before summer vacation and that is still quite a few months away. Yesterday Ajeet uncle came to take me out for ice-cream. I remembered that whenever uncle would come, he would take both of us out for ice-cream. Even the lady at the ice-cream parlor was asking about you. Uncle was so kind and asked me if I was missing you too badly. I somehow hid my tears, but I really am missing you.

Nowadays I take breakfast on my own, but I miss our breakfast table banter. Mummy says that the house seems a lot more quiet and peaceful, now that you have left for your hostel. However, the truth is Mummy also misses you. Please see if you can come home for a few days, before your summer vacation.

Your sister,



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