Write a letter to your uncle whom you admire alot, asking him about which stream to be taken after your 10th standard. You are Isha/Ishaan living in Shiv Vihar, New Delhi.

9, Shiv Vihar
​New Delhi

27 May, 2014

Dearest Uncle Ravi,
How are you? When are you coming to Delhi? I am waiting for you eagerly, please do come soon. I wanted your advice on a very important matter. I am confused about which stream to choose after I finish my X. Everyone wants me to take up Science but you know I hate Science. I want to study Commerce and do M.B.A just like you.
Could you please guide me in this? Sometimes I think Papa is right and want to study Science, but then your successful career as a banker comes to my mind and I want to follow your footsteps. I am awaiting your reply to this letter so I can make future plans. Please write as soon as possible.
Convey my love to Aunt Renu.

Your loving nephew



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