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a man made satellite is a satellite made by man, and sent into space to orbit around a planet, star, or other body in any solar system to gather information and pictures about it.

Man-made satellites are used for communication, navigation, collecting information about changes seen from above, e.g. weather, military, and much more...

The first satellite was invented by God - THE MOON! Seriously, though, the first articifial satellite was Sputnik, launched by the Russians in 1957. Its creation was coordinated by Chief Designer Sergei Korolyov.


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Today (September 6, 2009), the Space Shuttle Discovery is docked with the International Space Station. Both of those assemblies are man-made, and both are in orbit around the earth.

When the shuttle undocks for its return to earth, you'll hear about it on the TV news. If you get your TV through a little dish on top of your garage, then you receive it from another man-made satellite.

The first human-made satellite was put into space

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Many satellites contain propellant tanks used for repositioning the satellite. They also use solar arrays to collect energy from the sun. When the satellite runs out of fuel it is said to have reached its end of life and will either burn up in the earths atmosphere or will be put in another orbit, such as super synchronous orbit. This allows a replacement satellite to be launched and put in the same orbit but prevents over population of that particular orbit

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todas not sep 6 todays1 sep

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*12 sep

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