write a short note on bastar rebellion.

 The Bastar Rebellion was one of the prominient  tribal rebellions against the britishers. The iniative was taken by the Dhurwas of the Kangar forest. The rebellion was led to Gunda Dhur from village Nethanar. 

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 Bastar rebellion refers to the Bhumkal rebellion of 1910. The major cause of the rebellion was the declaration of forests as reserved areas in 1908, by the British. Only government contractors were allowed to take forest timber for the construction of railways. It was a widespread tribal movement affecting more than half of the 84 parganas of Bastar. The tribals wanted to reassert their traditional rights over the forests and natural resources of the region. Other reasons included the humiliation of the tribal king by the British and disrespect for tribal traditions. The tribals also felt that their culture was threatened by British education policy. The movement was a continuation of previous protests in the region. It was symbolical of tribal resistance to attempts to change their way of life. Ultimately it was crushed by the use of brutal force by the British.

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