Write a short note on ryoti system of indigo cultivation ?


Under the Ryoti system of Indigo cultivation;

1. The Planters directly entered into an agreement with ryots or the peasant cultivators to produce indigo. The planters provided loans or cash advances at low rate of interest to the farmers and entered into a contract with them which was generally imposed on them.

2. At times a village headman was forced to sign the contract on behalf of the farmers.

3. As per the contract, the farmers were compelled to grow indigo on at least 25% of their land holdings .

4. The contract tied the farmers with planters as after delivery fresh loans were given to the farmers to grow indigo thus they became part of the vicious circle as this cycle of loan never ended.

5. The price paid to the farmers of indigo by the planters was abysmally low which contributed to the plight of the farmers.

6. The excessive growth of indigo effected the fertility of the soil due to which farmers could not grow any other crop like rice.

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