write a short note on the 1875 revolt?

The  first revolt  for independene was known as as Sepoy mutiny and it was in the year 1857 ( not in 1875).

India's First War of Independence 1857: It is termed Sepoy Riots by the British was an attempt to unite India against the invading British and to restore power to the Mogul emperor Bahadur Shah. The resistance disintegrated primarily due to lack of leadership and unity on the part of Indians, as also to cruel suppression by the British Army. It was a remarkable event in Indian history and marked the end of the Mughal empire and sealed India's fate as a British colony for the next 100 years. The violence started on May 10, 1857 in Meerut, when Pandey, a soldier in the Army shot his commander for forcing the Indian troops to use the controversial rifles. Indians constituted 96% of the 300,000 British Army and the violence against British quickly spread (Hence the name Sepoy Mutiny). The local chiefs encouraged scattered revolts in hopes of regaining their lost privileges.

Causes for the Revolt :There were many causes that ultimately lead to this revolt. For the sake of convenience they can divided into the following categories.

1.Social and Religious Causes

 A. Change in pattern of trade and commerce

 B. Ruination of Artisans and Craftsmen

 C. Disgruntled Zamindars and Taluqdars

 D. Disbanded soldiers were seething with anger and were determined to revenge.

E. Activities Of Missionaries F. New Laws
The introduction of certain laws unsettled the mind of the Indians. Some of them were :
Sati Ban Act
Widow Remarriage Act

2.Political Causes
A. Lord Dalhousies Policy Of Annexation (Doctrine of Lapse)

B. British disregard of treaties and pledges

C. Exposure of myth of British Invincibilty
3.Military Causes
A. Ill-Treatment of Indian Soldiers in The East India Company

B. Deprivation of foreign service allowance (Bhatta)

C. General Services Enlistment Act D. Enfield Rifles
This was perhaps the immediate cause of the revolt. The British introduced new rifles which had cartridges greased with the fat of cows and pigs. The cover had to be plucked out by the teet before using. The Hindu and Muslim sepoys refused to touch these cartridges.

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The first real challenge to British authority came in the form of a popular revolt in AD 1857. It began with a mutiny of the soldiers but was soon joined by all sections of the Indian society. The revolt was a result of the numerous grievances of the people against the oppressive British rule. In order to underplay the importance of the event, British historians refer to it as only a ?Sepoy Mutiny?, that is, one in which only the sepoys were involved. However, the revolt was so widespread in area as well as the involvement of people, that is would be appropriate to term it as the ?First War of Indian Independence?.
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The question is incorrect . Because there is no war on 1875 .
The war was happened in 1857....
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