Write an article of about 150 words on environmental degradation.

Environmental degradation refers to the deterioration of physical components of the environment brought in by human activities to such an extent that it cannot be set right by self regulatory mechanism of environment. Causes:

It is the result of developmental processes of economic and technological activities of man. It is caused by several forms of pollution, depletion of natu­ral resources; increasing dependence on energy con­suming and ecologically damaging technologies, depletion of forest cover has become a global concern.

The environmental crisis is ascribed to exponential growth in human population, fast ex­panding industries and philosophical religious out­look of society. Man’s cruel behaviour with environ­ments accelerated the pace of scientific and techno­logical advancement.


Environmental degradation is divided into two categories on the basis of factors responsible for lowering of environmental quality. They are Extreme Events or Hazards and Pollution.


Resources are meant not only for utilisation of present but for future generation also. So it is very necessary to maintain a balance between growth of population and utilisation of resources which will ensure the continuity of the human race.

Any imbalance in either of the two may disrupt the continuity of our economic, social and cultural environment. To consume natural resources, renewable sources must be enhanced and used and non renewable sources must be used as economically as possible. Various environmental programmes have been set up to conserve the environment:

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