Write an english anchoring script for an english skit?

Dear student,
Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- You may write a play on your own, hints are given below:
- Decide the plot and story line, for example: exam time in school.
- Number of characters and their names have to be decided, protagonist and antagonist. For example: five students discussing the upcoming exams.
- Setting and time has to be decided: a classroom, early morning.
- Point of conflict must be described: dilemma in the mind of two students whether they should use unfair means or not as they are not well prepared for the exams.
- There could be twists and turns in the plot: students A and B decide to cheat, but student A's conscience does not allow him to do so.
- The conclusion can show that good values stand steady against temptation.  
- The anchoring will depend on what the skit is based on.
- Introduce the theme and message, then talk about the characters and their interaction.
- As the anchor, try to introduce some humour.
- relate the skit to everyday life.


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