write an experiment showing aim, materials required, procedure , observation(in a tabular form), conclusion 1. Beet root extract as indicator for bitter and sour substance 2. Neutralisation between lemon juice and baking powder

Aim : To prepare beet root indicator and test for acidity/basicity of the compounds
Material Required: Beet root, vinegar, baking soda
Procedure : A) Preparation of beet root indicator 
i) Take beet root and crush it in a mortar.
ii) Add water to the crushed beet root to obtain an extract and filter off the extract to get the filtrate. The filtrate obtained is the beet root indicator. This is red in colour and is acidic in nature.
B) Test for the acid or basic nature of the compounds ( vinegar , baking soda)
i) Vinegar and baking soda were added in test tubes A and B respectively.
ii) To each of the test tube few drops of beet root indicator was added and colour change was observed.
Observations :
Test tube A containing vinegar - No colour change
Test tube B containing baking soda - Colour changed to yellow
Conclusion :
Since the colour of the test tube A did not changed , vinegar is acidic in nature. While , the colour of the test tube B changed from red to yellow , baking soda is basic in nature.

Aim : Neutralisation of lemon juice with baking powder
Materials Required : Lemon juice , baking powder
Note : Lemon juice is acidic in nature because it contains citric acid (C​​6H8O7) and is acidic, while baking powder is basic in nature because it contains sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO​3​)
i) Take lemon juice in a beaker. 
ii) To it slowly add baking soda.
iii) Neutralisation reaction starts with formation of  bubbles.
iv) Add baking powder slowly till no more formation of bubbles happen.
Observation : Effervescence produced due to the formation of CO2.
Conclusion: Formation of bubbles is due to formation of carbonic acid which is unstable and dissociates into carbon dioxide and water which  is the cause of bubble formation.The neutralisation reaction is taking place which is as follows:

C6H8O7 + 3NaHCO3 Na3C6H5O7 + 3H2CO3H2CO3  CO2 + H2O

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