Write briefly about the friendship of Agha Shahid Ali and Amitav Ghosh.(30-40 words)

Dear Student,

In the chapter 'The Ghat of the Only World', Amitav Ghosh talks about his friendship with famous poet Agha Shahid Ali. Ghosh knew Shahid well before he met him as they both studied in Delhi University. They met through a common friend and had many phone conversations between 1998-1999 and met a few times when Shahid moved to Brooklyn. They had common friends and common interests so they became close pals. Shahid first talked to Ghosh about his impending death on 25th April 2001 but like a good friend Ghosh reassured him that he would soon get better. Shahid made Ghosh promise him that he would write something about his dear friend after his death.


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