write define of sewage sewrages sewers and describe the sentence "water for live" and give all types of impurities present in the sewage

Sewage is the wastewater containing solid and liquid wastes and pollutants .It is produced by humans from homes, industries, hospitals, offices and other places that use water for their various processes.

The pipe carry away the wastewater from house to the line of sewer. These pipes are known as sewer pipes. They form a network over a small area which is termed as sewer. These pipes merge into larger pipes where the sewage of larger area is collected and is termed as sewerage. 

" Water for life " means life on earth is not possible without water. Plants need water to carry out photosynthesis and make food. Majority of live forms depends upon plants for food. Water is important for us as it provides medium for biochemical reactions of body to occur. Thus there is no life without water.

Components of sewage impurities and their characteristics

Organic components

Human faeces, animal wastes, oil, urea (urine) pesticides, herbicides, fruits, and vegetable wastes etc.

Inorganic components

Nitrates, phosphates metals


Phosphorus and nitrogen


The germs which cause cholera and typhoid


The germs which cause dysentery


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 1)sewrages:these a connection of under ground pipes which form the sewrages.this is a large network of pipes in larger areas

2)sewers:this is a small network of pipes of a small area.this connects up with the sewerages later.

3)first its not "water for live" its "water for life".its meaning is pretty simple as we know without water is not possible. think of a consequences  where u have no water thus u may die in 2 or 3 days because of dehydration. mostly this word is to raise awarness for saving water when there willbe no water.

4)there are many types and componants of sewage water:

a)natural waste

human waste 

animal waste

fruit waste


food waste

b)chemical waste 



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