write difference between amphibians and pisces .

Entirely aquaticNot entirely aquatic, but most of the larval stages live in water and move to land
Highest taxonomic diversity among vertebrates with 32,000 species6,500 extant species
Evolved before 500 million yearsEvolved from fish before 400 million years
More species in saltwater than freshwaterAquatic species are mostly inhabit freshwater than saltwater
Scale covered skinNo scales, but moist skin
Respiration mainly through gills, except lungfishesRespiration takes place through lungs mainly. However, skin, oral cavity, and gills are also functional in any combination of those according to the environment they live
Metamorphosis is very rareMetamorphosis is common

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Class Pisces

Class Amphibia

This class includes fish such as Scoliodon, tuna, rohu, shark, etc. These animals mostly live in water. Hence, they have special adaptive features such as a streamlined body, presence of a tail for movement, gills, etc. to live in water

It includes frogs, toads, and salamanders. These animals have a dual mode of life. In the larval stage, the respiratory organs are gills, but in the adult stage, respiration occurs through the lungs or skin. They lay eggs in water

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Heart is 2 chambered

Heart is 3 chambered

Skin covered with scales

Scales are absent.

They breathe through gills.

They breathe through gills in larval stage and through lungs in adult stage.

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