write down three uses of roots

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  • Root is the typical organ of the plane which lies inside the soil
  • Its main uses are as follows: to suck water from soil, to absorb nutrients, to absorb minerals etc.
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There are many parts of a plant, including the roots. Roots are very important for the plant because they suck the water and nutrients up out of the soil and into the plant. But the roots are not only good for the plant, they are good for soil. When it rains, the roots hold the soil in place so it is not washed away. When soil gets washed away it is called erosion. In places with a lot of rain and not a lot of trees, mudslides can be a big problem. Mudslides can hurt people and animals and also take away all the good soil, making it difficult to grow plants.
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absorbing water
absorbing minarals
absorbing nutrients
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