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Social values that you have learnt during the corona pandemic situation.

Dear student,

Social values that we have learnt during this pandemic are-
  1. We really don't need much to live. This pandemic has taught us that to live all we need is good health, good food and a shelter.
  2. We are living beyond the planet's boundaries. Climate protagonists have been screaming about this for some time but we have largely ignored them. If we continue our high polluting ways post Covid-19 crisis, there will be more pandemics like this in future.
  3.  Communities are connected. People have helped the virus travel around the world. This tells us that communities and the people living in it are connected to each other.
  4. Society has a heart. One thing that this lockdown has shown us is that some people have a heart. We have seen people helping Covid patients who are not doctors. We have seen people helping poor people for food and money.
  5. Compassion, collaboration and Appreciation. After looking at the damage Covid-19 has done to those in need, this situation will teach us to tackle future problems with compassion and appreciation.
  6. Hygiene comes first. This goes without saying that sanitisation is really important. Pandemic or no pandemic we have to keep hygiene first. 
  7. Animal brutality. This all started when someone ate a bat. It's high time that we take a look towards animal brutality. If we try to break the food chain by eating animals which are not for humans then we will face such pandemics in future for sure.
  8. In situations like this, every political parties should come together and work against this virus and not against each other. In a country like India we have seen that political leaders cannot work together against this virus.
  9. Focus on positivity. In times like these it is very important to focus on the positive side, I know it is very difficult underr such circumstances but we need to focus on positive.
  10. Patience is a virtue. For so many people this lockdown has been very challenging in terms of mental health. People are not able to stay home, they are loosing their patience. But this time has taught us that patience is virtue. The more patiently you will handle this situation, the more your mental peace will be. 

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