write the character sketch of aram , mourad and uncle khosrove and john byro.....

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Here are sample answers for your reference:


Aram was a nine year old kid who belonged to the Garoghlanian tribes of Armenians. He believed in a carefree and joyful life. He was a very honest and timid guy. He had the raw innocence of childhood. He was free from the clutches of modern man's life. His life was surrounded by the freshness and openness of nature.


Mourad has been described in the story as an animal lover. He sang when he rides a horse. His passion for riding made him a fearless rider. He had a way with horses and knew how to tame them against running wild. He took good care of the horse which shows his dexterity in this field. Also, he seems to be emotionally attached to the horse.


Uncle Khosrove is explained to be a very impatient man. This worked to his disadvantage one day when he was getting his hair trimmed by a barber and he came to know that his house was on fire. He had an amazing reaction when he said: "It is no harm, pay no attention to it. Enough, it is no harm, I say." He paid no heed to anything serious or trivial. 


John Byro has been projected to possess a very clean, pure and loyal heart. He could never ever suspect the clan of Aram for stealing. His innocent eye could never imagine that anybody from the tribe could steal his horse. He used the phrase 'tooth for tooth' to emphasise the similarity between both the horses. However, he never suspected the brothers to steal the horse because of their family being famous for their honesty.


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