write the characters of invertribates and vertribates with sutiable 5 example

  • Vertebrates have a backbone with a spinal cord
  • The diversity is exceptionally low among the vertebrates compared to invertebrates.
  • Vertebrates are always bilaterally symmetrical.
  • Vertebrates are usually large-bodied and move fast.
  • Vertebrates have a closed blood system, a well-developed brain, either gills or lungs for respiration, and a complex and sophisticated nervous system.
  •  Examples: Parrots, Human, Snake, Fish Amphibian, Reptiles, Birds, etc,


  • Invertebrates do not have a backbone.
  • The diversity is exceptionally high among the invertebrates compared to vertebrates.
  • Invertebrates could show either bilateral or radial symmetry.
  • Invertebrates are usually small bodied and move slow compared to vertebrates.
  • Invertebrates have primitive brain system, respiratory organs and nervous system.
  • Examples: Insects, Flat worms, Echinoderms, Arthropods, Sponges etc.


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