write the formula for the area of a segment in a circle, a circle of radius r, given that the sector angle is theta (in degrees). the answer to this is [pi theta/360- sin theta /2 cos theta /2] r2 as given in r.d. sharma. I can't understand how the formula derived.....

experts plzzz help me in dis question.....

Given: A circle with center O of radius r. ∠AOC = θ and ∠AOD =

To find: Area of segment ABC.


Area of segment ABC = area of sector OABC – area of ΔOPQ 

The area of sector OABC =


Hence proved.

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any1 plzzzzz..... answer me I need it plzzz..........plzz.......  :)

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iska ek formula 1/2 r square sintheta bhi ho skta hai

try this it works...

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thanx mehak...

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[theta/360 x pi  - 1/2 sintheta] r square

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