Write true or false

1. Alloying prevents rusting .
2. Stretching a spring is a chemical change.
3. On mixing magnesium oxide with water and you substance called magnesium chloride is formed.
4. On mixing baking soda with vinegar, hydrogen gas is produced

Dear student,

1.True, Alloying prevents corrosion as on alloying the surface the metal is no longer exposed to moisture or air and corrosion is prevented.

2. False. Stretching of spring is not chemical change as chemical change involves formation of new products , it is rather a physical change as only shape of spring gets changed which later on gets back to its original shape when load is removed.

3. False. On mixing magnesium oxide with water, magnesium hydroxide is formed, The reaction is as follows:
MgO2 + H2O --> Mg(OH)2 

4. False, On mixing baking soda (sodium bicrbonate) with vinegar, carbon dioxide gas is produced.


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Ans1= true
Ans4=i dont know
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