X Y Z were partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2:1. Y retires and gifted 1/2 of his share in share of X and sells remaining share to X and Z in the ratio of 1:2. Find the new and gaining ratio.

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Y's share=26X's gain=12×26=16Remaining Y's share=26-16=16(to be taken by X and Z in 1:2)X's gain=16×13=118Z's gain=16×23=218X's new share=36+16+118=1318Y's new share=16+218=518New Ratio (X and Z)=13:5Gaining ratio=New Ratio-Old RatioX's gain=1318-36=418Y's gain=518-16=218Gaining Ratio (X and Z)=4:2 or 2:1

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