You are Ashu , your school arranged an educational tour to South India . You were one of the members of the tourist party . Write a letter to your friend discribing your experience during the tour and the places visited by you.

Dear Student

You can include the following points in your letter:
  • South India is full of temples and thus you can discuss about the relevance of these temples at various places.
  • You can discuss the weather condition and vegetation of Pondicherry.
  • You can include the places like Chennai, Bengaluru, Kathmandu, Rameshwaram as examples.
  • To discuss about the importance of vegetation and trees you can discuss about places like Ooty.
  • While travelling through different places what all you learnt and how you maintained a record for the same for ex- by clicking photographs, maintaining a diary and so on.
  • South India is also considered to be the most literate part of India therefore their culture can also be discussed.

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