You are Juliette. You feel duped and cheated by Gaston. You decide to take legal action against him. Write a letter to your friend in about 150 words, sharing this incident and the action you plan to take against him.

25, Nogentsur Marne

September 19, 2013

Dear Alberta,

How are you? Hope to find you in good health. There is so much to tell you recently. 

You know how desperately I wanted to sell my beautiful villa since a few months. And apparently I did sell it to a couple. But the husband happened to be a fraudulent man. He came to take a look at the villa with his wife, which he was clearly not interested in. I took his wife upstairs to show her around the house and the man sold my house to another woman named Al- Smith behind my back. He tried to act as the owner of the villa in front of the latter and sold it for much more money than he was supposed to pay me thereby making a profit. 

I won't spare him! I will file a suit against him on charges of fraud and get my villa back. Even if it takes time, I will do it. It is a crime to do fraud like this.

Your friend,


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pls try to do it yourself (this is what meritnation will say)

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