You are planning to celebrate a festival in your house. write a letter to your cousin asking him to come over with some things that you need for the arrangements.

C-10, Rohini

New Delhi


26 September 2013


Dear ABC

How are you? I hope this letter finds you in the pink of health. I am writing this letter to tell you that this year we all are planning to celebrate Diwali together at our place. It is really going to be fun.

Firstly, we'll do the Diwali Puja along with the elders and after that we'll do something exciting. We'll play some games and enjoy ourselves like passing the parcel, musical chairs, etc. I want you to help me out in the preparations. The food and other arrangements I'll manage along with mom. It'll be great if you will be able to arrange some music CDs for the games, I also want you to come over one day so that we can decide the prizes and wrap them up beforehand to avoid the last minute hassle.

I hope you'll help me out in all this. Let's make this Diwali full of laughter and enjoyment without polluting the environment with crackers. Looking forward to meet you soon.

Yours cousin


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